For private use & car detailers

The NO WET® Guarantee

We refund 100% for the NO WET Product that you return, should you not be satisfied with the result that NO WET gives !   Contact: Frank 614 22 568 030 - 24/7

How to use No Wet®:  Spray a fine mist over a panel, the tiny droplets will expand. No Wet will loosen and extract dirt particles from the surface and encapsulate them in the No Wet liquid.  Gently wipe up in one direction, the ‘dirty liquid' with a soft cloth. Followed by an easy buff with a clean microfibre cloth. 

The surface is then CleanedPolishedWaxed, Sealed and Protected from UV radiation In One Application.       No Wet® will reduce dirt and bugs from sticking to panels and leave an exceptional No Wet Shine that lasts much longer than most (if not all) other products       For glass, less is best, in particular for windscreens.    

No Wet is the green revolution in car detailing, the quality of No Wet is second none with its up-to-date bio-degradable ingredients.

No Wet is the greenrevolution in carcleaning.

No Wet, developed and made in Australia by NoWet Waterless CarClean Pty Ltd, does not leave any residue, does not clog up the spray nozzles and is easy to use.

No Wet is available for DIY carcleaning, for Clubs, Fund Raising.   No Franchise fees for professional detailing companies and is an easy to start business with our support.

No Wet Detailer Pack at only $45 plus postage It includes a reusable pump applicator with 225ml No Wet, 1 L Refill, 2 microfibre cloths – enough for cleaning and polishing about 14 standard cars. Very low cost give it a try.

Refills available in 1L & 4.5L containers and also in 20L ctn for professional car cleaning companies.

No Wet DIY CarClean - CarCare Products for Waterless Car Detailing, Car Valet grooming with the unique No Wet product.  No Wet for cities, country & remote areas and overseas markets. (

Not just for cars, bikes, boats, caravans, trucks, but also No Wet gives spectacular results on shower screens and tiles - but too slippery for floor tiles.  No Wet is absolutely magic on all hard surfaces; timber, vinyl, plastic, metal, stainless steel, glass. [for windscreens use HALO - call me on 0422 568 030 - 24/7

To make it even easier for yourself, use the 1 Litre Professional Applicator reduced to $32 from $42.  No need to empty after use bacause No Wet does not clog the applicator nozzles and lasts for decades. 

No Wet is Eco-friendly, Economical, Safe to use, Saves heaps of water and available to you at a very low cost.

No Wet liquid Metal Polish - NO ammonia - NO acid –  Excellent for all hard surfaces including stainless steel, brass, copper, gold, ceramic tiles, marble …. great on car parts, tools, jewellery, guns, fishing tackles, coins, golf clubs, on trucks and yes - even the kitchen sink.

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