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The NoWet Detailer Pack.  Now reduced to $47 + postage $13 anywhere in Australia It includes a reusable pump applicator with 225ml NoWet, 1 L Refill, 2 microfibre cloths – enough for cleaning and polishing about 14 standard cars - Refills available in 1L & 5L containers and also in 20L ctn for professional cleaning companies.

NoWet Waterless CarClean Pty Ltd, does not franchise car detailing services, but supplies NoWet to private individuals AND professional car cleaning service companies.  DIY and save heaps.  Call us for our NEW wholesale NoWet prices to suit your requirements. 

NoWet car cleaning is an easy to start business  -  No franchise fees, but with great support .

NoWet DIY CarClean - CarCare Products for Waterless Car Detailing, Car Valet grooming with the unique NoWet product.  NoWet® for cities, country & remote areas and overseas markets. (

Not just for cars, bikes, boats, caravans, trucks, but also NoWet gives spectacular results on shower screens and tiles - but too slippery for floor tiles.  NoWet is absolutely magic on all hard surfaces; timber, vinyl, plastic, metal, stainless steel, glass. [for windscreens use HALO - 0422568030 - 24/7]  

NoWet for private use AND professional car cleaners, mobile car cleaning service companies.

NoWet - 5 in one: Cleans, Seals, Protects, Waxes,Polishes, all in one application.

To make it even easier for yourself, use the 1 Litre Professional Applicator reduced to $32 from $42.  No need to empty after use as NoWet does not clog the applicator nozzle and last for decades.


NoWet liquid metal polish - NOammonia - NOacid –  Excellent for all hard surfaces including stainless steel, brass, copper, gold, ceramic tiles, marble …. great on car parts, tools, jewellery, guns, fishing tackles, coins, golf clubs and yes - even the kitchen sink.

NoWet is Eco-friendly, economical, safe to use also saves heaps of water and $s


Note all prices quoted include GST