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Car wash product, polish 


NoWet comes with a reusable self-pump applicator,which gives a fine even spray without product loss at the start and finish of each application.  So much more controlled and finer than with a trigger spray.

NoWet is the ideal way to keep your car clean and looking great without using any water. It also provides an excellent alternative for all of us who are concerned about our dwindling water resources and protecting the environment.

NoWet is great value for money as it not only cleans and protects, but also gives a finish that can only be
 achieved by using a number of other products. Use it on your car, motorbike, boat, caravan, truck, light aircraft, helicopter, bicycle, jetski and more.

Say goodbye to messy cleaning of cars with water and in stead protect the paintwork of your vehicles that will keep your car in  sparkling first class condition – NoWet saves you time, money and water!