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NoWet Waterless CarClean Pty Ltd, since 2004, is an established Australian owned professional company that prides itself on integrity, innovation and environmental responsibiliy. 

In 2008/9, NoWet CarClean developed the NoWet product to be completely safe for the environment, easy to use and giving the best shine and protection. The result is our Trade Marked Product NoWet®  (or NO-WET® or just NO WET®).  The igredients in NoWet are derived from all organic sources and include kaolin clay, carnauba wax and UV protectant.  No abrasives. No silicone. No petroleum distilates and is Volotile Organic Compound Complient.

Now in 2018, NoWet Waterless CarClean, no longer franchises the servicie of cleaning cars.  However, NoWet will remain to be manufactured in Austarlia for Australian and overseas markets.  We supply NoWet to Goverment Departments, the motor industry, private enterprices and the general public - at factory direct prices.

NoWet is easy to use, economical, environmentally friendy and gives fantastic results. NoWet for DIY car cleaning, but also for companies to use for their own fleet of vehicles or their car detailing businesses. - No franchise fees and we welcome enquiries for supplies.

Spray a fine mist onto a panel. NoWet will soften and extract the dirt from the surface and encapsulate it in the liquid.  Gently wipe up the liquid with the dirt, followed by a light buff with a microfibre cloth. This will clean, polish, wax, seal and UV protect paintwork in One application.

The NoWet Detailing Pack includes a fine mist pump applicator, 1L refill and microfibre cloths only $55 delivered, within Australia including remote area.  This will clean and polish 10-14 standard cars. 1L Refill $40 or 4.5L $105 delivered.  Unbeatable price, but also unbeatable quality results.  AND  *We will refund 100% of all NoWet Products that you return, should you not be satisfied with the results that NoWet gives!  Call and Talk  0422 568 030-24/7 or email info@nowetcarclean.com.au 

NoWet is the Green Revolution of CarCleaning

What NoWet users say who have used NoWet and experiened the results.   
Tasman Motorsport  “Tasman Motorsport is proud to be associated with NoWet Waterless CarClean and has no hesitation in recommending the use of its products to anyone that demands a professional look and feel to their vehicle.” 

Brisbane City Council  “The Brisbane City Council BAC Car Pool have been pleased with the results of NoWet, and are positive towards its continual use, as they have ceased using water to wash vehicles and improved the appearance of the vehicles.

Queensland Hydraulics  “Queensland Hydraulics Pty Ltd has been engaging the services of NoWet Waterless CarClean for the past year. We are always amazed at the quality of work and end result of our vehicles.”

University of Wollongong  "The University of Wollongong currently engages the services of NoWet Waterless CarClean to maintain our senior management and car pool fleet, and in today’s environment, the University promotes the no water car wash system."

Rosso Sport Auto  "We here at Rosso Sport Auto, the Gauteng Agents for Ferrari and Maserati, will only allow the NoWet product to be used on our cars. We have been using NoWet for a number of years and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future."

Enviroclean Australia  “We have found NoWet to be very professional, reliable and prompt. Our clients are telling us their vehicles look like new.”

Brisbane Hinterland 4WD Tours  “You could see the dirt being lifted from the surface after the initial application and our biggest concern of scratching during the wipe off stage did not eventuate. The surface was beautiful and clean and had a deep shine that beaded in rain.”

City Mazda  “NoWet gives a brilliant finish, a clean, fresh smell and is quick and easy to use. I have no hesitation in giving my confidence to and endorsement of this new product.”

Audi Centre Perth    “We have found NoWet to be very user friendly and are grateful for having such an amazing product introduced to us.”

Aquaknect  "I have found the No Wet treatment to be the most effective treatment that I have come across over the past 20 years to finally do the job that I have been looking for."